being argumentative

so obama is charged with being elitist i.e. he exists in his own harvard ivy league world, advised by professors, and generally cannot empathize with the “common people” of Iowa and other republican small town states.  another world where economic arguments do not matter, where evidence maybe counts for nothing, where arguments are made on the basis of sentiments.

closer to home, see this recent letter to the press.
to me, i see the same theme across both singapore and the US.  this ralph lesslar obviously has not read the extensive work that exists out there which has documented with evidence many of the themes the original article had talked about.  he is unable to approach issues dispassionately and evaluate the arguments based on the evidence provided.  he might be right but the correct thing to do, is to present evidence to the contrary of what the article talked about, not this hodge podge rubbish that is based on sentimentalism and subjectivity.
its exactly the same situation in the US.  whenever obama (or the democrats) try to do something such as lifting ban on stem cell research or passing healthcare reforms, the republicans would immediately come swinging in with charges that he is being elitist etc etc.  bill maher once pinned this tea party lady who was raving away that the US needs to cut its budget deficit.  he asked her “alright, so exactly what do you want to cut?”  the woman was simply unable to answer cos she actually doesn’t know!  she is just shouting this budget cut, but has absolutely no idea what it meant.  she is just riding along on sentiments and unjustified perceptions.
this refusal to argue on the basis of evidence really irks me.  this is also the reason why i often get into email “spats”.  its because i subject the things we write on emails (or blogs) to the same standards of evidence as i subject everything else.  maybe i shouldn’t be doing that.  but i hope you guys can now understand why i am so argumentative.
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